Beta 42

Research and Development



a command line utility to search text in Word documents
Current version: 0.1 (initial release)



Search for PATTERN in each Word FILE and print matching lines.

wordgrep tries to be mostly compatible with GNU grep utility, with some Word-specific distinctions and additional options.


General Information

Print a short summary of the options
-V, --version
Show version information

Matching Control

-i, --ignore-case
Ignore case distinctions in both the PATTERN and the input file

General Output Control

Suppress normal output. Instead print the number of matches for each input file. Note that unlike grep, multiple matches on the same page will be counted individually.
-q, --quiet
Suppress all normal output to stdout. Exit immediately with exit status 0 if a match is found, even in case of errors. Use this if you only care about the presence of matches, not their number or content.

Exit Status

Normally, the exit status is 0 if at least one match is found, 1 if no match is found and 2 if an error occurred. But if the --quiet (or -q) option is used and a match was found, wordgrep will return 0 regardless of errors.